1. Smiths Fencing & Carpentry will arrange for a split invoice if required, however, the person to whom the quotation is addressed is responsible for the payment of the account.
    2. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure correct boundary lines are clear and for checking of underground services. Correctly identifying boundaries is the customers responsibility. Any plans or specifications that are part of the contract must be supplied to Smiths Fencing and Carpentry.
    3. The owner must remove any furniture or personal goods from the vicinity of the work to minimise the risk of damage. The owner must provide access for the contractor and any employee or subcontractor of the contractor to carry out the work as required during work hours allowed by relevant statutory authorities.  The owner must remove any personal property likely to impede the work.
    4. Timber Fencing warrantee excludes warping, cracking and bowing as timber is a natural product and this is beyond the control of Smiths Fencing and Carpentry.
    5. Quotes are estimates only and prices quoted are subject to change. If you wish to change your order or product specifications a requote will be required.
    6. The contract price may vary in accordance with contract conditions, for example as the result of variations.
    7. Should the scope of works change due to unforeseen conditions we will advise client before continuing. All costs incurred with this variation are to be agreed by way of Amendment to Contract and are payable by the client.
    8. Credit Card payments are accepted however incur a 2.2% surcharge – please call 4936 6186 to pay by credit card.
    9. Deposits are non-refundable once the Contract has been accepted. Payment of a Deposit confirms you have agreed to our Conditions of Engagement and have entered into a Contract with Smiths Fencing and Carpentry.
    10. Some materials may require a 5-10% over order. These remain the property of Smiths Fencing and Carpentry. Entering into a Contract with Smiths Fencing and Carpentry confirms you agree with the Contract price regardless of the amount of material ordered either way.
    11. All variations to the job will be confirmed in writing by the customer before any additional work is done.
    12. Unless the estimator has included underground services in his price then our installers will use all care to avoid hitting underground pipes etc, If this occurs, we will notify the customer and repair the damage where we can. Some costs may be passed on for this work. If you would like a services search done, please request a price for this.
    13. Quotations are based on standard soil conditions for excavations and footings unless otherwise stated in quote. If installers hit a substantial amount of rock, roots or concrete under the ground, a per hole rate for the work will be charged to cover the extra time to remove it.
    14. We will endeavor to start the job on the day specified and complete as soon as practically possible HOWEVER there can be delays due to but not limited to, weather, other client’s changes, amendments to the Contract, staff leave/sickness, product delays.
    15. Smiths Fencing and Carpentry guarantee to fix any issues in relation to workmanship. If you are not happy with the final result, we will work with you to ensure you are fully satisfied (within reason). Please note that this does not include defects in Timber. See Point 4
    16. If any product has been altered or it has been found through negligence any issues have arisen including advice for ongoing care, Smiths Fencing and Carpentry we will not fix any problems in these circumstances.
    17. All customers acknowledge that they have reviewed our full terms and conditions/conditions of engagement on our website. https://www.smithsfencingandcarpentry.com.au, including the Consumer Buying Guide for Contracts over $5,000. Please call or email with any enquiries you may have.
    18. Should you decide to accept any/all of our quotation/s, we will require a deposit of 10% of the cost of the total job amount before work can commence, payment of a deposit confirms that you have entered into a contract and are bound by Smiths Fencing and Carpentry’s Terms and Conditions.
    19. A 40% progress payment is required the day of the delivery of materials. Should this payment be delayed we reserve the right to change the install date until this has been completed.
    20. Full payment is required within 3 business days of completion unless otherwise arranged. Any costs incurred in relation to debt recovery will be paid by the clients.